21 janvier 2009

page 6

Yes. Chris-Chan is finally back. For CWCville.
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20 janvier 2009

first pages (HQ!!!)

So, These are the pages of this wonderful comic... we can see The good place of CWCville, attacked by a new threat... Sonichu is in a harmfull abd raging battle against Mary Lee Walsh, the Evil Ruler of the corrupted citizens...And he seems to be in a bad posture...^^; Go Sonichu! \O/ ~Harry D.
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20 janvier 2009

The series is starting.

Yes. Welcome to the TRUE AND OFFICIAL "Sonichu Finale" Site. "Sonichu Finale" is the last installement of the Sonichu series.The original creator of "Sonichu", Christian Weston Chandler  is not working anymore on the main series, so, I, Mr.BigG alias "Harry D." alias "Plombard" alias "Dadatsointsoin"  the owner of this spin-off, will proudly present you an original view of CWCville, and it's mayor. if you want to see the first pages, go on the part called... [Lire la suite]
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