12 avril 2009

Last Page of Issue 1

Here is the long time awaited last page of Sonichu Finale! To be continued. Stay tuned for the next adventures of Sonichu!
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03 avril 2009


Sad thing about Mr. Christian Chandler. He decided to leave internet for a while. Anyway, I'm am now working on the upcoming comics, "Sonichu Finale II: Heart of the Miscreants" This is why I am not active, this will be different than the current Issue of Sonichu finale. It will be more Manga oriented. That's all, there will be more oriented on Sonichu, the love quest, and Clyde Cash. ~Harry François de Darthes
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03 avril 2009

Another MLW fanart

This little of awesomeness hes been done by Anon22's girlfriend member of the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizen forums. View her gallery here Watch the original here This is not a particular fanart of Sonichu Finale, but a regular sonichu fanart. This shows that  can be proud of something: The look I've made for Mary Lee Walsh is loved by a lot of people.^^
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27 mars 2009

Page 19

This is almost the end... of the first issue of Sonichu Finale ~Harry François de Darthes
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26 mars 2009

Captain's log, update

The first issue of Sonichu Finale is Almost finished!I promise you, dear friends, that Sonichu Finale II will be awesome! introducing brand new characters and story!I can't give you any sneak peak so far, but when you'll see the first prviews, you will be happy...^^ Also, I tried to enter in contact with Mr. Christian Weston Chandler, the author of Sonichu. I had no answer... I need help to get him being aware of this comic. I'm serious.Mr. Chandler is ignoring the fact that he's going to lose the licence, if he cease making... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2009

page 18

Sarah Hammer Died. CWCville is such a dangerous place for gay people... And also, You see how look Mary Lee Walsh when she's unleashed... She's quite powerful... ~Harry François de Darthes
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15 mars 2009


Yep, The first "Fanart" I've found.The Autor is called "Churipuu" And has a deviantart account. This must be a fanart since it was posted few days ago, and that outfit if clearly the same than my MLW design...^^Churipuu, you are awesome. ~Harry D. with happiness PS: This is the first "real" fanart based on Sonichu franchise. And it's dedicated to "MY" Mary Lee... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2009

cwc 17

Love is twisted.As you see, Sarah hammer is gay, whish means she's not straight. CWC hates gaybians......PVCC is not following MLW anymore... too bad for them ~Harry François de Darthes
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08 mars 2009

page 16

8This is exciting, isn't it? ~Harry D.
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04 mars 2009

Wanna see the true Harry D. heh?

Harry D. You may know the comic artist, but do you know the man, the hero? Harry François de Darthes Was born in Paris during shortly before WWII. He was raised by his parents, soldiers in the french army of freedom, as a soldier himself. later, after all these year of training, he was considered as the most skilled soldier of the french Army. The french general Charles de Gaulle considered him as his "own son"... during the event of indochine, he was sent with group of soldier in order to defend french's  right.... [Lire la suite]
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