05 juin 2009

Sonichu's Edge log 3

Hi!This is Mr. Shigeru Myamotosan! Here comes new characters! let me show you the first enemies in the game!Yes! it's Grey Sonichu!never heard of him? It's pretty normal, Grey Sonichu are Chris' Army. all of them are clones of the only one and real Sonichu.Unlike Sonichu, these have no powers, no speed. Nothing. The Picklemen Gang!This kind of men are frequent around the roofs of CWCville. They always attack people!these guys are tough! One shot is not enought to finish them! also, we are working now on the 3d engine,... [Lire la suite]
03 juin 2009

sonichu's edge developpment log.

Textures updated.
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02 juin 2009

Sonichu's edge devellopement blog.

A lot of things needs to be made. but the menu is kickass: Hope you like these! ^^ ~the SonichuTeam
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01 juin 2009

Sonichu game in the making

A sonichu related video game! It's coming! ... "Sonichu team" has leaked some info about the game: "Sonichu's Edge is a total immersion in the CWCiverse. In this ultra realistic game, You will play as the Dean: Mary Lee Walsh, in order to end the reign of the mayor Chandler.In this action packed game, you will have to face the jerkops, the cops, and the chaotic combo, to save the city of CWCville.This is finally the only TRUE and ORIGINIAL Sonichu related game. We are actually working with the TRUE AND OFFICIAL... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2009

Sonichu Finale 2-page 4-

Is that epic? I hope you like the comic, don't hesitate to leave a comment. It's always appreciated!^^ Anyway, here is Christian Weston Chandler, Explainig how Law Enforcement work in CWCville... ~Harry François de Darthes
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22 mai 2009

Sonichu Finale 2. Page 3

Enjoy! Our heroes are watching the horror of a transfigured CWC. ~Harry François de Darthes.
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22 mai 2009

Some advertising.

Enjoy it!We hope you like the upcoming Sonichu Finale 2! ~F-enternainment developpment team.
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17 mai 2009

High Definition Sonichu Finale issue one.

HERE This is the link to a place to download All the pages of sonichu Finale issue 1 in super HD.All the pages are contained in a zip file.Have a good day! ~F-entertainment development team.
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16 mai 2009

Sonichu Finale 2, page2

Well, Iseli is not dead. hopefully.Enjoy it, Sonichu Fans! ^^ ~Harry François de Darthes.
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30 avril 2009

Sonichu Finale 2!

Guess who's back?Harry François de Darthes! Look at this, this is the first page of "Sonichu Finale 2: Heart of the miscreants."This time in manga style. F-entertainment team was happy to see these first pages, I'm happy to see how they ended. ENJOY! ~Harry François de Darthes
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