03 avril 2009

Another MLW fanart

This little of awesomeness hes been done by Anon22's girlfriend member of the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizen forums. View her gallery here Watch the original here This is not a particular fanart of Sonichu Finale, but a regular sonichu fanart. This shows that  can be proud of something: The look I've made for Mary Lee Walsh is loved by a lot of people.^^
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15 mars 2009


Yep, The first "Fanart" I've found.The Autor is called "Churipuu" And has a deviantart account. This must be a fanart since it was posted few days ago, and that outfit if clearly the same than my MLW design...^^Churipuu, you are awesome. ~Harry D. with happiness PS: This is the first "real" fanart based on Sonichu franchise. And it's dedicated to "MY" Mary Lee... [Lire la suite]
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