The first issue of Sonichu Finale is Almost finished!
I promise you, dear friends, that Sonichu Finale II will be awesome! introducing brand new characters and story!
I can't give you any sneak peak so far, but when you'll see the first prviews, you will be happy...^^

Also, I tried to enter in contact with Mr. Christian Weston Chandler, the author of Sonichu. I had no answer... I need help to get him being aware of this comic.
I'm serious.
Mr. Chandler is ignoring the fact that he's going to lose the licence, if he cease making comics, as he said in his last video:"Also, in addition to if anyone messes up this relationship, if anyone messes with Ivy, Period, I Swear to God and Jesus that I will cease drawing my comics and efforts to recovering the Sonichu Site. As long as y'all just Back Off."

In addition, a random bonus video from the man himself:

~Harry D.