Harry D.

You may know the comic artist, but do you know the man, the hero?

Harry François de Darthes Was born in Paris during shortly before WWII. He was raised by his parents, soldiers in the french army of freedom, as a soldier himself. later, after all these year of training, he was considered as the most skilled soldier of the french Army. The french general Charles de Gaulle considered him as his "own son"... during the event of indochine, he was sent with group of soldier in order to defend french's  right. In Dien Ben Phu. few soldiers survived. In 1958 when De Gaulle became president, Harry D. suggered to De Gaulle to get off the OTAN. To stay Independent from the power of the USA. However, during the strikes of May 1968 (mai68) Darthes was opposed to De Gaulles politics. Darthes was supporting the students, who wanted a better future.
Harry François de Darthes was a true patriot who was involved in many wars, in korea, indochi, afghanistan during the cold war. Always considered as a true hero, or a patriot by his brother in arms.
He got rid of fighting after the war, and wanted to search peace.

Today, Harry Darthes is 79 Year old.
He found a way to express his feelings, and his vision of the world throught the eyes of Mary Lee Walsh and Chros-chan in the Smash-hit comic: SONICHU FINALE